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Import data from LaSRS and add to Billing

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1. Log into LaSRS

2. Go to Manage Download Keys

3. Generate a Download Key

4. Click on Copy to Clipboard

5. In First - The very first time this is done, enter your LaSRS user name and password. (The software will remember this information for subsequent runs.

6. use CTRL V to paste the download key

7. Enter the dates that SRI have released the information (this is not service dates)

8. The import will execute and you can select print after to create a log file if needed later.

9. Close the import screen and click on Transfer all changes to Medisoft

10. All functions are selected, you may unselect functions as desired.

11. The dates shown are the dates detected in the import file and may have changes to previous billed items, or data that has been held.

      The dates are suggested on the data and can be changed.

12. Click on Start the Transfer.


Posted : 10/12/2020 5:53 pm
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