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Something for people to start thinking about..


You and 10 other people have managed to get wireless access on your network.

everyone walks in the door for your android device to connect to wireless what happens next

is something no one really thinks about..  AUTO SYNC. suddenly the network is a buzz with

activity from mobile phones.

That doesn’t sound like a problem except all downloadupstream speeds are a fraction of download speeds except when the upload stream is maxed the download stream stops too.


If you must allow employees with mobile devices on your network,  ask them to turn off syncing while on your network.



I’ve seen a onecloud account virtually stop network activity except uploading thousands of images to the cloud at full speed.


Over the past few days I have been recovering from ransom ware at a clients.

The ransom ware managed to encrypt the host computer and the server shares both of them and

some misc shares throughout the network,  I don’t condone many network shares so the problem wan’t

completely devastated.  The Inventory system is written in VFP  (My best language)  about 30 tables were corrupted before I

killed the share on the server.  Then I found the PeachTree server share had been corrupted also :<

2 register shares were corrupted 1 we lost the data all together.

as far as the servers are concerned  ——- 100% RECOVERED  thanks to persistent backups (multiple per day)


So,  I have created a program that does nothing but monitor the inventory files, if any file becomes ‘NOT A TABLE’

the share will be shut down and data preserved except the table that triggered the problem.


today is 03/04/16 ,




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