March 5, 2016 activetech

Over the past few days I have been recovering from ransom ware at a clients.

The ransom ware managed to encrypt the host computer and the server shares both of them and

some misc shares throughout the network,  I don’t condone many network shares so the problem wan’t

completely devastated.  The Inventory system is written in VFP  (My best language)  about 30 tables were corrupted before I

killed the share on the server.  Then I found the PeachTree server share had been corrupted also :<

2 register shares were corrupted 1 we lost the data all together.

as far as the servers are concerned  ——- 100% RECOVERED  thanks to persistent backups (multiple per day)


So,  I have created a program that does nothing but monitor the inventory files, if any file becomes ‘NOT A TABLE’

the share will be shut down and data preserved except the table that triggered the problem.


today is 03/04/16 ,




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