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Hard Drive Recovery

IMG_20160217_164535749I have recently created a laminar hood that I can open and service hard drives.  I have opened and successfully changed the heads on hard drives and have one waiting for a platter swap to a donor  hard drive with a good motor.  The heads have had extended contact with the platter due to a motor malfunction the results are a large swath of platters (all 4) with magnetic material scorn off. The bright line close to the hub and outer band about 1/4 inch on the outer rim (are BAD)


I removed the heads and replaced with donor heads I doubted would work after seeing the damage.





Wed Feb 17 17-35-38looking at the heads through a microscope showed that every platter has been damaged

My next rout is to change the platters to another good working motor.


Today I am making this site..

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