Project name:

Android and AppleIOS Development projects

Project description:

I was recently charged with creating an online ordering app for a local coffee house,

I created the apps and was led to Takeout7 who were recommended by Southern POS ( the dealer of the Future POS the store is using )

After all was set up, the GLARING problem of way to many keystrokes to place an order.

Also, the client wanted customers to be able to use their Loyalty card for purchases.

The keystrokes were

1. log in using your email address and password
2. After you log in some required fields will be filled out.
a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. email address
d. Phone Number

As Guest, you have to fill All fields

In addition to all of the required fields, they have no method of retaining payment information.

So as guest I would have to touch..

Order, category, product, options, pay at location or enter 15 digit credit card, expdate, cvv, and if using the Loyalty card another

15 digit number needed to be added to the Pick Up Instructions.

The expectation was that customers would be ordering with mobile devices

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